Key Value Store

What Does Key Value Store Mean?

A Key Value Store is a type of NoSQL database that doesn’t rely on the traditional structures of relational database designs.


Techopedia Explains Key Value Store

In general, NoSQL databases allow for using different kinds of relational tools for data.

These are becoming popular in big data analysis and new business designs where less organized data need to be stored in an efficient and practical way. Some talk about using a ‘schema-less’ storage program for data. NoSQL doesn’t mean that the database doesn’t use structured query language – it just means that other tools may drive data analysis.

Within this context, Key Value Store allows applications to keep data without a predefined schema. Different kinds of data containers, data types and object are used to accommodate this.

Different types of key value store databases include the eventually consistent database tool, hierarchical database tools, and those that feature other kinds of NoSQL designs.

The essential nature of Key Value Store is that developers create two tables:

  • a key table on the left
  • a value table on the right.

The way that these keys relate to these values are what constitute the Key Value Store model. An example of this model shows that because the right-hand table only represents values, there’s more versatility in what kind of data can be stored there.

This in turn leads to the scalability and versatility advantages of this kind of Key Value Store NoSQL setup.


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