Service Delivery Platform

What Does Service Delivery Platform Mean?

A service delivery platform (SDP) is a platform that provides a structure for service delivery, including controls for service sessions and protocols for service use. This term is common within the telecommunications industry. It can be vital for services that have to bridge multiple platforms or technologies. However, a service delivery platform tends to be designed for a particular delivery in a single telecommunications format.


Techopedia Explains Service Delivery Platform

Some industry professionals offer slightly different definitions of this term. Some describe a service delivery platform as an IT environment that helps to accommodate different kinds of service creation and delivery, such as those that involve collaboration or use more than one type of network. Common elements of a service delivery platform include service creation tools, service orchestration resources and execution strategy resources. Within the telecommunications industry, companies use service delivery platforms for services like messaging services, VoIP services and other kinds of telecommunication services. Yet another definition of a service delivery platform is that SDPs can be designed for the management and sale of services between various companies that may supply different elements of a service.


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