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Phong Shading

What Does Phong Shading Mean?

Phong shading is a specific type of shading technique in 3-D computer graphics that is useful for smoothing out multi-surface shapes and creating more sophisticated computer-modeled images. Experts refer to the technique as “interpolation,” where Phong shading visualizes a smoother surface for a 3-D model.


Techopedia Explains Phong Shading

Phong shading is named after Bui Tuong Phong who pioneered it at the University of Utah in 1975. It has become a way to more elegantly model shapes composed of polygon surfaces. Some experts explain the technique of Phong shading as “computing the lighting per fragment, not per vertex,” which results in smoothly contoured surfaces and precision lighting of these surfaces. Phong shading can be compared to Goraud shading, another visual interpolation technique.


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