E-Commerce Advisor

What Does E-Commerce Advisor Mean?

An e-commerce advisor (e-com advisor) is a professional who assists online companies in managing their daily businesses with the help of financial and marketing computer applications. E-com advisors implement solutions that propel profits in electronic commerce (e-commerce) and enhance business productivity. In e-commerce, these advisors may be vendors or in-house professionals who are experts at back-office direct billing and real-time transactions, among many other tasks. The business platforms they offer to e-commerce companies speed up and organize just about every type of online transaction contained in the business, resulting in cost containment and improved business outcomes. Applications replace the need to hire extra accounting staff.


Techopedia Explains E-Commerce Advisor

An e-com advisor will furnish various platforms and applications to help an e-commerce business run smoothly, as well as assist clients or colleagues in understanding emerging marketplace trends. Their platforms will launch various programs, such as direct billing, electronic invoicing, mobile banking and mobile payments. Other applications and software contained within the e-com advisor’s specialty areas include enterprise payments, real-time transactions, peer-to-peer payments, consumer convenience fees and social networking. Predictive analysis is also another strong skill for e-com advisors.

E-com advisors work to help businesses get the most out of their leadership teams, while using methodical data analysis programs that integrate affiliate and internal data. They also encourage consumer-to-business relationships while helping give customers a voice.


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