Business Activity Monitoring

What Does Business Activity Monitoring Mean?

Business activity monitoring (BAM) is the process of monitoring business activities through business process management software. Operation managers and upper-level management receive BAM reports in real time in order to assess business productivity. Business activity monitoring also ascertains whether computers are working to an optimal level and when they need to be updated; it can even determine whether a business needs to adopt new software. This type of enterprise solution can be used for a company of any size.


BAM helps businesses to be better-informed and more adept at managing solutions and processes. This can lead to an increase in market profit and return on investment.

Techopedia Explains Business Activity Monitoring

BAM is used at nearly every organizational level, and can even be helpful to affiliate companies who have the capabilities and the permission to track and monitor related businesses’ activities. BAM analyzes a span of actions between countless applications and systems.

The term business activity monitoring was originally used by Gartner Inc., an IT and research firm based out of Stamford, Conn., that produces market analysis reports. The goal of BAM is to furnish comprehensive and cumulative reports about business, either between affiliate businesses (business-to-business) or within a single company. The process of BAM involves the status of various operations, analyses, transactions and other real-time electronic activity information, which is produced within electronic reports and relayed to business managers.


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