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Daily Build and Smoke Test (DBST)

Last updated: October 28, 2012

What Does Daily Build and Smoke Test (DBST) Mean?

A Daily Build and Smoke Test (DBST) is a real-time software detection and repair procedure. The daily build is the everyday practice of creating a new software build of the latest version of the program, while smoke testing is done on the software build to find out any immediate bugs.

The DBST’s primary objective is to test applications and software for bugs or incompatibility issues and prevent additional or compounded future issues.


Techopedia Explains Daily Build and Smoke Test (DBST)

The concept of a daily build and smoke test was developed to resolve development issues related to projects with multiple application teams. This test benefits application integration because incompatibility issues are diagnosed and corrected in real-time. For example, a properly executed application may present a bug or error within a 24-hour period. Proper DBST implementation facilitates expedited diagnosis and repair.

The DBST also attempts to ensures total project quality because software remains in a continuous state that adheres to standard requirements, versus arbitrary quality tuning, which drains development time and resources. Many consider a DBST is to be a best practices for software development.


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