Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

What Does Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Mean?

The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is Amazon’s VPC offering that enables the development of virtual private cloud within the publicly available Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud offerings.


Amazon VPC enables the development of a complete private cloud having its own policies & permissions, range of IP addresses, subnets, routes configuration and manage the entire resources, as they would have been in an in-house data centre.

Also known as AWS VPC.

Techopedia Explains Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

The Amazon VPC is a private cloud within the AWS infrastructure, isolated logically with the public cloud products hosted on the same infrastructure. Among the services that

Amazon VPC builds massive computing power through Amazon EC2, scalable storage via S3, and dedicated private IP address via Amazon Elastic IP. Amazon Elastic IP allocates separate IP addresses for each EC2 instance and isolates internet accessible & un-accessible servers so only desired servers are accessed by remote users. Amazon VPC can also be connected with an in-house VPN to create dedicated connection with the physical and cloud data centres.


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