Amazon CloudWatch

What Does Amazon CloudWatch Mean?

Amazon CloudWatch is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) component designed to monitor AWS cloud resources and hosted applications.


Developers and system administrators use Amazon’s cloud computing suite, including Amazon CloudWatch, for applications and services. Amazon CloudWatch provides detailed insight via comprehensive reports and metrics to ensure seamless and efficient operations. Amazon CloudWatch also provides reports on enterprise resource use, performance, operational issues, or constraints.

Techopedia Explains Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon Web Services are provisioned from the “cloud” for on-demand Internet access. Services – such as cloud storage, cloud computing and content delivery networks may be integrated and developed as complex enterprise business applications. CloudWatch is a preprogrammed and built-in monitoring system used with all Amazon cloud offerings and specifically designed to facilitate performance reporting requirements for system architects and administrators.

In addition, Amazon CloudWatch has open application programming interface (API) support with customized reports, notifications and alarms pertaining to memory limitations, error reporting, load balancing, and automated ramification processes.


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