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Azure Fabric Controller

What Does Azure Fabric Controller Mean?

The Azure Fabric Controller is the core component of Windows Azure and Windows Azure Service Platform, which manages the provision of hardware resources to the hosted software application over Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud. It manages the operations of all hosted virtual machines, provisions compute resource requirements for the hosted application and monitors their performance. The Azure Fabric Controller operates as the kernel and framework for Windows Azure, as it manages all the nodes, which includes servers, load balancers, switches, routers, etc.


Techopedia Explains Azure Fabric Controller

The Azure Fabric Controller is part of the Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud (primarily platform as a service), which regulates the creation, provisioning and de-provisioning and supervising of all the virtual machines and their back-end physical server. It also regulates other hardware and data communication platforms, which comprise the whole cloud service provided by Microsoft.

Azure Fabric Controller ensures that all hosted applications receive the optimal and required computing power, network and computing resources. It also ensures that they are efficiently distributed among the resources.


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