Cisco Unified Computing System

What Does Cisco Unified Computing System Mean?

Cisco Unified Computing System (CUCS) is a suite of data center solutions that includes computing, virtualization, switching and networking, and data center management software.


CUCS is designed to provide an enterprise-level data center virtualization solution within a single platform by integrating computing, input/output, data communication and the management layer. Cisco Unified Computing provides efficiency, cost economy and scalability in deploying and managing applications.

Techopedia Explains Cisco Unified Computing System

The Cisco Unified Computing System aims to reduce the cost associated with developing an enterprise class data center by providing the entire range of computing and infrastructure resources within a single cohesive solution. CUCS also increases the flexibility in managing an enterprise by allowing this to be done through a single management console. CUCS delivers data center critical components, integrating computing and storage access with network components. This unification among the core infrastructure components by a single vendor reduces complexity in managing huge data centers and reduces cross-platform compatibility issues.

Cisco Unified Computing System solution delivers blade or rack mount servers, fabric interconnectors, input/output management cards and an infrastructure management software, all of which is available under different configurations and capabilities depending on the size of the data center.


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