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What Does eMac Mean?

The eMac is a computer made by Apple from 2002 to 2006. The
eMac was designed for the education market. Like the iMac, it was designed as
an all-in-one unit with a 17-inch CRT monitor, optical drive and speakers. It
was originally sold exclusively to educational institutions before being sold
to the general public.


Techopedia Explains eMac

The eMac was designed by Apple to be an inexpensive computer for schools. Unlike Apple’s other computers of the period, it featured a built-in 17-inch CRT monitor. The CRT made it cheaper than the Apple iMac. The eMac had a similar design to the original iMac as an all-in-one unit and the other compact Macintoshes. The first model featured PowerPC processor running at 700 or 800 megahertz with built-in stereo speakers. Apple initially sold the eMac exclusively to schools before selling it to the public.

Some eMacs suffered from “raster shift,” where the viewable area of the screen decreases. Apple offered a repair that involved replacing a video cable.

In 2006, the eMac was discontinued when the company released its first Intel-based computers. By that time, it had gone back to only being sold to educational institutions. The eMac did not make the transition to Intel.


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