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Automated Data Tiering

What Does Automated Data Tiering Mean?

Automated data tiering is the process of copying, moving and storing data across tiered data storage devices or facilities. Automated data tiering enables the automatic movement of data between different storage types as required by business or application objectives.

Automated data tiering is also known as automated tiered storage.


Techopedia Explains Automated Data Tiering

Automated data tiering is performed through purpose-built software and hardware appliances, and works to continuously monitor the data that's rotated within an organization's storage tiers. It works on a predefined data policy that classifies data into various levels. For example, frequently accessed and critical data is moved to the storage tiers with the fastest access rates. Similarly, less used data is moved to lower-end storage media/tiers.

Solid state disks (SSD) incorporate principles of automated data tiering by having a built-in flash memory that stores frequently used data and applications for quicker access.



Automated Tiered Storage

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