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Cloud Broker

What Does Cloud Broker Mean?

A cloud broker is an individual or organization that consults, mediates and facilitates the selection of cloud computing solutions on behalf of an organization. A cloud broker serves as a third party between a cloud service provider and organization buying the provider’s products and solutions.


A cloud broker is also known as a cloud agent.

Techopedia Explains Cloud Broker

A cloud broker generally works on typical brokerage process principles. They assist cloud buyers with decision making by helping them evaluate, shortlist and select a cloud vendor or solution based on specific requirements. Typically, cloud brokers collaborate and have mutual agreements with different cloud vendors, where if selected, discounts and faster deployment/migration are provided.

A cloud broker also negotiates terms and conditions, pricing, delivery, deployment and other details with a cloud vendor on behalf of a buyer. Although primarily considered a sales and marketing oriented service provider, a cloud broker also may provide consultation, deployment, integration and migration monitoring services.


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