Cloud Management

Last updated: February 20, 2017

What Does Cloud Management Mean?

Cloud management is the process of evaluating, monitoring and optimizing cloud computing based solutions and services to produce the desired efficiency, performance and overall service level required. Cloud management is the practice of end-to-end supervision of the cloud environment by an organization, cloud service vendor or both. It ensures that the cloud computing services are delivered and operated in the most optimal form.


Techopedia Explains Cloud Management

As an IT service, cloud management incorporates most of the underlying tasks and approaches from IT service management. It includes very basic to complex management tasks such as maintaining the availability of resources, providing completely functional software/systems and implementing standardized security controls and procedures. Some companies are also providing vendor-neutral cloud management software/services to effectively manage and operate cloud services.

Although the customer or end user is also responsible for their part, cloud management is primarily a vendor end process and includes every task that directly or indirectly affects the cloud environment.


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