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Cloud-Oriented Architecture

What Does Cloud-Oriented Architecture Mean?

Cloud-oriented architecture (COA) can be defined as an abstract model that revolves around all the factors and elements that are included in the cloud and the cloud environment.


Cloud-oriented architecture defines the components, procedures and systems that make up any of the cloud computing service model or the cloud in general.

Techopedia Explains Cloud-Oriented Architecture

Cloud-oriented architecture primarily addresses the architectural constraints and requirements that surround the cloud concept, as well as all the factors that make up the cloud. Cloud-oriented architecture is similar to computing architecture except that it only addresses factors that directly or indirectly relate to cloud computing. These include the processes, output, structure, and logical and physical components involved in building cloud computing solutions and services. Moreover, COA also includes the relationships between all the entities that make up the cloud.
Cloud-oriented architecture has its roots and functionalities in many previously built computing architectures such as service-oriented architecture, resource-oriented architecture, client/server architecture and distributed computing architecture.


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