Cloud Service Architecture

What Does Cloud Service Architecture Mean?

Cloud service architecture defines the overall cloud computing services and solutions that are implemented in and across the boundaries of an enterprise business network.


Cloud service architecture deals with the diagnosis, analysis, design, deployment and integration of cloud services, allowing organizations to operate their businesses within the cloud. Cloud service architecture considers the core business requirements and matches them with a possible cloud solution.

Cloud service architecture is also known as cloud computing service architecture or enterprise cloud service architecture.

Techopedia Explains Cloud Service Architecture

Cloud service architecture, like any other technology architecture, defines the structured guidelines, procedures and constraints of deploying a cloud solution within an enterprise.

The basic purpose of cloud service architecture is to provide a road map for cloud deployment using the best procedures and methodologies covering both the technical and business governance aspect of cloud computing. It defines how an organization will implement the cloud solution and the related ramifications associated with that. Cloud service architecture can include all of the available services provided by the cloud, including infrastructure, software, storage and security.


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