Cloud Spanning

What Does Cloud Spanning Mean?

Cloud spanning is a type of cloud delivery model in which an application is deployed and executed over multiple simultaneous cloud platforms and infrastructure. Cloud spanning enables a cloud application to distribute its computations and components across one or more cloud environments.


Techopedia Explains Cloud Spanning

Cloud spanning is primarily implemented in an enterprise computing environment in which an application requires a large pool of computing resources. This pool can be the combination of internal, external or hybrid cloud environments. For example, an organization might integrate internal private cloud infrastructure with an external/public cloud storage provider to handle the spikes in storage demand. Similarly, the additional storage capacity can also be sourced from an enterprise-owned private cloud storage hosted at a different location. Although cloud spanning might increase management overhead, it also reduces vendor lock-in by combining several cloud solutions to form an enterprise cloud solution. Moreover, cloud spanning is an alternative to cloud burst, which seeks to expand only to external cloud solutions to handle computation overload.


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