Cloud Storage Service

What Does Cloud Storage Service Mean?

Cloud storage service is a cloud computing service offering in which data can be stored, edited and retrieved from a remote cloud storage server over the Internet under a utility computing model.


Cloud storage service, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service model, delivers scalable, flexible and redundant storage capacity through Web services API, online interfaces and thin client applications.

Cloud storage service is also known as utility storage service and storage as a service.

Techopedia Explains Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage service is built to provide applications, services and organizations with access to offsite storage capacity that can be provisioned instantly, is flexible in scaling automatically at run time and is globally accessible.

Cloud storage service is provided, hosted and managed by the storage service provider (SSP), and it works on the combination of storage servers, which are designed on storage virtualization architecture. This technique allows a single storage server to create multiple logical and virtual drives with scalable capacity and tight coupling. End users and applications access the logical storage by the online management interface or integrating vendor APIs with the application and are only billed for the storage capacity metered.

Cloud storage services are delivered in public and hybrid storage models.


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