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Macintosh Computer

What Does Macintosh Computer Mean?

The Macintosh computer (Mac) is a desktop computer by Apple that comes in a variety of form factors and designs. The Mac was the first affordable and successful computer packed with a graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse, although technically, Apple’s Lisa was the first commercial computer that included these components. Mac specs included the Motorola 68000 chip, a 512 x 342 black-and-white monitor, 128K of RAM and a floppy drive. At launch, it sold for $2,495.


The Macintosh computer is also known as Apple Macintosh, Mac, Apple Mac and thin Mac.

Techopedia Explains Macintosh Computer

In January 1984, the Mac was rebranded the Macintosh 128K, which also included expanded memory up to 512 KB. Introduced by Ridley Scott’s famed “1984” commercial, the Macintosh 128K followed the Apple I, II, III and Lisa. After only 100 days, Apple sold 70,000 units of the Macintosh 128K, which was released to revolutionize the market by giving users the ability to work without struggling through command interfaces. Later in 1984, the 512K, dubbed the “fat Mac,” replaced the 128K model.

Early Mac versions were not assigned model numbers, but the Macintosh label was branded on all machines. Later models were labeled Macintosh 128K and Macintosh 512K.


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