What Does Cloudsourcing Mean?

Cloudsourcing is a process by which specialized cloud products and services and their deployment and maintenance is outsourced to and provided by one or more cloud service providers.


Cloudsourcing enables organizations to procure their entire IT infrastructure from a cloud, easily integrates with any platform and requires no management overhead. Cloudsourcing is believed to be the future of cloud computing and business as we see it, where organizations of all sizes are rapidly looking to the cloud to meet their IT needs.

Techopedia Explains Cloudsourcing

Cloudsourcing is a similar trend to outsourcing where an organization outsources some or all of its business processes to a third-party vendor, except that in outsourcing, the company deploys, hosts and executes a complete or vertical IT solution onto a public or private cloud provider. With the advent in cloud computing and the increasing flexibility of different products and services offered under this technology, it’s easier to provide a cloud as a service solution, which breaks many of the previous barriers in terms of cost, platform interoperability and scalability.

With cloudsourcing, virtually every IT requirement can be sourced on a utility computing billing model with solutions ranging from raw computing power, storage, network, software or a comprehensive enterprise IT solution. Cloudsourcing services are typically vertical, cloud-in-a-box solutions that are designed to fulfill a specific business segment's IT needs.


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