What Does Cloudstorming Mean?

Cloudstorming refers to the assembly of multiple cloud computing environments. Alternately, some businesses and individuals also use the term to refer to brainstorming around cloud-related projects.


Techopedia Explains Cloudstorming

In its first and perhaps more technical use, cloudstorming could refer to using more than one cloud computing system, such as to link networks delivering specific data for specific tasks. A complex IT scenario where one set of CRM or management tools is sourced through one cloud-based platform, while customer-facing interfaces may be sourced through another, might also be called cloudstorming. Here, it's assumed that using multiple cloud computing environments will add value, save costs, or otherwise optimize a project.

Cloudstorming can also refer to the provision of more than one resource or strategy for using cloud-based systems. For instance, a situation where a consultant might gather research data and implement a business strategy for using cloud services while also setting up a financial database to handle transactions might be called a cloudstorming approach. Again, this use of the term relates to the process of brainstorming, or finding a creative means to solve a problem, in this case, using the principles of cloud computing.


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