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Cooperative Storage Cloud

What Does Cooperative Storage Cloud Mean?

A cooperative storage cloud is a type of cloud storage service model in which data is stored on distributed clients and nodes in a decentralized system. A cooperative storage cloud enables the storage of data on remote and distinct participants, which pool their storage capacity to deliver a unified cloud storage solution.

A cooperative storage cloud may also be referred to as a peer-to peer storage cloud or a cloud storage co-op.


Techopedia Explains Cooperative Storage Cloud

A cooperative storage cloud is an implementation of peer-to-peer computing architecture. This service is generally delivered by a cloud storage service provider that builds specialized P2P software to manage the storage and retrieval of data. Such a service works when the P2P software is installed by all the participating subscribers. Each subscriber provides a predefined storage capacity that can be allocated to the system. In turn, the storage service provides the collective storage capacity of all subscribers to the same or other subscribers.

A cooperative storage cloud is different from typical cloud storage service providers, which use their own storage infrastructure to host and provision storage. Although there are no dedicated servers/infrastructure for hosting/storing the data, an application server may be present to control and manage the storage logic or the overall storage, sharing and retrieval of data from remote systems.


Cloud Storage Co-op, Peer-to-Peer Storage Cloud

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