Deep Analytics

What Does Deep Analytics Mean?

Deep analytics is a process applied in data mining that analyzes, extracts and organizes large amounts of data in a form that is acceptable, useful and beneficial for an organization, individual or analytics software application.


Deep analytics retrieves targeted information from data stores through data processing methodologies.

Techopedia Explains Deep Analytics

Deep analytics generally extracts information from data sets that are hosted on a complex and distributed architecture, with the implementation of data analysis algorithms and techniques. The deep analytics process requires operation on a huge amount of data, typically in petabytes and exabytes. The data analysis workflow is spread out across a number of server or computing nodes to speed up the process.

Deep analytics is often coupled with or part of business intelligence or data mining applications, which apply query-based search mechanisms to data stores to analyze and extract the best data match, and convert that information into specialized reports, charts and graphs.


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