Granular Configuration Automation

What Does Granular Configuration Automation Mean?

Granular configuration automation (GCA) is a process that provides visibility, insight and control over and organization’s IT environment configuration at the most granular level. It empowers IT staff with complete and in-depth knowledge of the configurations associated with each device, instance or component of an IT environment.


Techopedia Explains Granular Configuration Automation

GCA is a field within configuration management that seeks for gathering and automating the process of configuration automation across the IT environment. The key objective behind GCA is to provide more information and detail on the ever-sprawling IT infrastructures and to continuously configure and optimize IT systems at a granular scale.

The information gathered and the processes automated using GCA helps in minimizing system, software and database downtimes. GCA can be applied in several methods, such as validating the software release cycle, identifying undesired changes within a component, finding non-compliance issues and more.


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