What Does Heroku Mean?

Heorku is Platform as a Service (Paas) cloud offering that provisions the development of Web applications and services. It is a cloud application development platform that provides development tools, scalable processing power and cloud management functionality. Heroku was initially developed for Ruby on Rails and now support various other development languages.


Techopedia Explains Heroku

Heroku provides a suite of development tools and application-specific services under a single platform to develop, test, deploy and manage the end-to-end application development process. Heroku is composed of various components working together to provide a complete cloud development platform. For example APIs provide the deployment of application code, release management, collaboration and access control management, scalability and other operation management activities.

Heroku also comes with various add-on services that enable developers to integrate third-party solutions within the program’s architecture for various services including database, monitoring, email, billing and many others.


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