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Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM)

What Does Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM) Mean?

Integrated cloud service management (ICSM) refers to the centralized management of a cloud computing solutions portfolio through purpose-built software tools and methodologies. ICSM is an approach used in cloud computing to manage the commissioning, decommissioning and overall maintenance of a suite of cloud products and services sourced by an organization. ICSM also ensures the maximum level of authority, control and governance of all cloud resourcesand the hosted/deployed data by a particular organization.


Techopedia Explains Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM)

ICSM can also be used to move from one cloud vendor to another while maintaining seamless integration and keeping costs low. Integrated cloud service management is a process that is primarily implemented after deploying or migrating to a cloud computing solution. ICSM manages SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and hybrid cloud delivery models. It is generally delivered through cloud management software, which may be provided by the primary cloud provider or a third-party vendor.


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