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Intel Virtualization Technology

What Does Intel Virtualization Technology Mean?

Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT or IVT) is a capability provided in Intel processors that enables multiple operating systems and environments to consolidate and host on a single processor.


Intel virtualization technology is the processor’s hardware ability to divide and isolate its computing capacity for multiple host virtual machines and their operating systems. Intel virtualization technology was formerly known as Vanderpool.

Techopedia Explains Intel Virtualization Technology

Intel virtualization technology is a hardware virtualization technique that works in cohesion with software and operating system virtualization to create pool of typical or virtual computing environments on top of it.

IVT enables developers, service providers and general end-users alike to utilize the complete and extensive computing power of their hardware processors, by dividing its power into logical processors and assigning each of them to several virtual machines or operating systems, therefore enabling the segregation of different computing environments with their preferred operating configurations.


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