Intelligent Virtual Agent

What Does Intelligent Virtual Agent Mean?

An intelligent virtual agent is an animated, human-like graphical chat bot commonly displayed on website home pages and advertisement landing pages. Virtual agents are embedded with a predefined script and responses.


Intelligent virtual agents – also known as virtual agents, virtual reps or v-reps – are implemented primarily on customer relationship management software. Virtual agents are designed to provide customer services, product information, marketing, support, sales, order placing, reservations or other custom services.

Techopedia Explains Intelligent Virtual Agent

Intelligent virtual agents are built on the laws of artificial intelligence (AI), and are programmed to interact with humans. They are powered by a knowledge base, which includes an extensive list of possible different questions, responses and gestures, allowing the bot to react and respond to human input in a relatively human way.

An intelligent virtual agent serves as a company representative and is built around a specific task, such as answering customer questions on a website's homepage.


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