Internal Cloud

What Does Internal Cloud Mean?

An internal cloud is a cloud computing service model that is implemented within an organization’s dedicated resources and infrastructure. Internal clouds apply virtualization mechanisms, shared storage and network resources to facilitate full control of an organization’s cloud computing environment.


An internal cloud is also known as a corporate cloud.

Techopedia Explains Internal Cloud

An organization builds an internal cloud by applying the cloud computing service model and delivery framework over local and/or offsite data center resources. The internal cloud then delivers computing, storage and software services to each node within the organization.

An internal cloud provides the following benefits:

  • Total cloud security (or at least, control over security)
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Reduced hardware requirements

This concept is very similar to a private cloud in that cloud computing techniques are used for a single organization. The difference is that a private cloud could also refer to dedicated resources at a 3rd party provider, where an internal cloud is referring to the utilization of infrastructure owned internally.


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