Joli OS

What Does Joli OS Mean?

Joli OS, developed by Jolicloud, provides file sharing and access to Web applications (apps) and desktops from the cloud. Based on the Ubuntu Linux kernel, Joli OS was designed to give netbook and low-end processors the ability to utilize Web app and basic computing services without hardware upgrades.


Joli OS is formerly known as Jolicloud.

Techopedia Explains Joli OS

Joli OS is installed as a thin client on a host desktop and provisions a variety of Web apps from the cloud, including standard Web browsers, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Docs and Flickr.

Joli OS hosts a number of apps that may be accessed and easily added to the cloud desktop via the default launcher. Joli OS also provides social bookmarking capabilities for user sharing of popular apps and services.


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