What Does LotusLive Mean?

LotusLive is a suite of cloud-based online services and applications for businesses provided by IBM under its SmartCloud portfolio.


LotusLive provides Web collaboration, email and social networking applications delivered as SaaS services through a monthly subscription, which is hosted and managed entirely by IBM. LotusLive is integrated with IBM’s proprietary applications, as well as third-party application and services, which can be provisioned as add-on services with the LotusLive solution stack.

Techopedia Explains LotusLive

LotusLive is a collection of business networking tools that provide workgroup collaboration and communication applications targeted to meet the needs of the project management, sales and marketing departments of an organization, with services such as:

  • LotusLive Connections: Enables the creation of a social network with features like profile creation, contacts management, communities and a few others
  • LotusLive Engage: Provides Web conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing within business social networks
  • LotusLive Meetings: An online meetings creation and management application

The cloud collaboration suite also includes the LotusLive Notes and Events application, which provides email, calendar, contacts and events management solutions. Third-party add-on applications include the ability to integrate Skype, Sugar CRM, Salesforce and a few services.


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