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LUN Zoning

What Does LUN Zoning Mean?

LUN zoning is a practice of setting up smaller networks within a larger storage networking environment. Different hardware devices attached to a storage network are sometimes referred to as LUNs. These networks may use fiber Channel or at CSI connectivity or other similar setups.


Techopedia Explains LUN Zoning

IT managers can use a LUN zoning strategy to break down storage networks into more manageable parts. In some cases, these tactics can add security to networks by making parts isolated from one another.

They may also lead to more efficient data or traffic handling. In order to set up fiber channel LUN zoning, a network needs to utilize various network switches. In this case, manipulating the activity of individual switches can create these customized network topologies.

In the use of SCSI connectivity, an IT manager can make a disk array into a redundant array of independent disks or RAID setup and then assign LUN numbers to each specific destination. Alternately, managers may use an SCSI device ID in place of a LUN number.


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