MapR M5

What Does MapR M5 Mean?

MapR M5 is a distribution and variant of Apache Hadoop that facilitates the deployment and execution of applications over a distributed computing architecture. It is used to integrate the complete functionality of Apache Hadoop and supports most of its components, including HBase, Pig, Mahout, Sqoop and Flume.


MapR M5 is available for license by subscription.

Techopedia Explains MapR M5

Developed by MapR Technologies, Inc., MapR M5 was designed to facilitate efficient cluster management, especially in cloud computing systems requiring high availability, fault tolerance, business continuity and capacity planning for extending cluster size and infrastructure.

Considered an advanced derivation of Apache Hadoop, MapR M5 increases original software framework capabilities, including easy Hadoop deployment via Direct NFS (DNFS), system characteristic alerts and alarms, user group monitoring and deep performance insight of the distributed cluster where the primary application is deployed.

Heatmap, MapR M5’s core component, provides visual insight into complete node utilization and status and is powered by representational state transfer (REST)-based application programming interface (API) access for typical cluster management tasks.


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