Message Queuing Service

What Does Message Queuing Service Mean?

Message queuing service is a type of middleware solution that allows applications and services to communicate within a cloud computing environment. This involves integrating and collaborating physically distinct systems and applications on run time through a cloud system or interface managed message queue. Message queuing service is primarily a temporary storage place that stores intra applications and services messages to be sent and received by other applications, services, computers and/or systems. In the context of cloud, this is achieved through a combined solution consisting of an Infrastructure as a Service cloud and Software as a Service solutions.


Techopedia Explains Message Queuing Service

Message queuing service provides the entire infrastructure and software required to manage communication between applications and services. The infrastructure consists of the storage, network, memory and other physical components required to store data, whereas the software (SaaS) manages the correct and timely delivery of messages across systems.


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