Microsoft Azure

What Does Microsoft Azure Mean?

Microsoft Azure is a platform as a service (PaaS) solution for building and hosting solutions using Microsoft’s products and in their data centers. It is a comprehensive suite of cloud products that allow users to create enterprise-class applications without having to build out their own infrastructure.


The Azure Service Platform is comprised of three cloud centric products: Windows Azure, SQL Azure and Azure App Fabric controller. These are in addition to the application hosting infrastructure facility.

Techopedia Explains Microsoft Azure

The Azure Service Platform is a big part of Microsoft’s cloud computing initiatives. It is designed specifically for the cloud.

Microsoft Azure includes Windows Azure, which is a cloud specific OS designed to provide scalable compute and storage services. It is supported by Azure App Fabric, which is a collection of different tools for supporting applications in the cloud. SQL Azure enables storage, as well as management of data, similar to the conventional relational database services of an SQL server.


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