What Does MobileMe Mean?

MobileMe is a set of cloud services and solutions provided by Apple Inc. and designed for use with proprietary Apple devices, such as the iPhone. MobileMe provides several solutions that are entirely hosted, provisioned and managed via a subscription based billing model from Apple’s remote cloud infrastructure.


Previously known as .Mac and iTools, MobileMe was replaced with iCloud in mid-2011.

Techopedia Explains MobileMe

Like Windows Live Essentials, MobileMe included cloud productivity and synchronization tools, communication services and remote storage. MobileMe applications and services included:

  • Find My iPhone: An online tool for iPhone tracking and management
  • Cloud storage: Up to 40 GB
  • Address Book and calendar (iCal): An online contacts and scheduling directory created by synching the iPhone
  • iGallery: Online photo and video storage

MobileMe also provided a PC synchronization application, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and iWeb for publishing and deploying hosted websites.

Rumor has it that Steve Jobs was so upset with MobileMe’s quality that he fired the employees in charge of the project in front of a large audience of Apple employees.


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