Business Process Engine

What Does Business Process Engine Mean?

A business process engine (BPE) is a software framework that enables the execution and maintenance of process workflows. It provides business process interaction and communication between different data/process sources spread across one or more IT applications and services.


BPE automates linking processes and their activities in an enterprise IT environment.

Techopedia Explains Business Process Engine

A BPE is a business process management (BPM) solution component used to oversee the technical architecture of business process integration, interlinking and interprocessing. BPE works with all of the different application infrastructure layers, including front end, middleware, backend and external business applications. It facilitates the integration of their processes, inter and intra system communication, process data routing, data transformation and merging. A BPE dynamically monitors and adjusts changes applied to data, as well as associated processes and process workflows.

A BPE also may be used to create new business processes, business rules and deployment capability for all connected applications without disruption or downtime.


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