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On-Demand Service

What Does On-Demand Service Mean?

On-demand service, in the context of IT, is a prime facility and feature of cloud computing services, which allow users to provision raw cloud resources at run time, when and where needed.


On-demand service allows end users to use cloud computing, storage, software and other resources instantly and in many cases without limits. This addition of resources is generally performed in live environments through a transition process that doesn’t affect current operations.

Techopedia Explains On-Demand Service

Cloud computing enables the easy provision, access, integration and deployment of mission-critical applications by providing almost all the core components of an enterprise IT architecture. Signing up for this service is nearly as easy as signing up for an email client.

With easy access to resources, cloud computing also provides flexibility in scaling these resources up and down according to business dynamics. This is what makes on-demand service so valuable. Companies can access additional resources quickly and easily when they need them and then scale back to previous levels when those resources are no longer required.


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