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What Does Open Data Definition Mean?

The Open Data Definition (OpenDD or ODD) is a data exchange technology developed to address data portability issues through a simple XML-based method. In a 2008 introduction to OpenDD, developer Marcus Povey described his purpose as a move toward augmenting existing data portability solutions, partly to facilitate a wider spectrum of import/export capabilities.


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As an XML-based technology, OpenDD’s primary elements consist of entities, metadata and relationships (described by Povey as atomic), which do not necessitate extensive nesting. The entities or named items, along with metadata and relationships, are passed from an OpenDD document to help users implement a more standardized method of sending these items and elements to a different software environment.

In subsequent notes about OpenDD, developers have discussed how its tools can be used for sharing, as well as other simple functions, over a large social media platform, like Facebook, and other niche environments. OpenDD is also built to work with a resource known as Elgg, which is a social media framework used to build proprietary environments. With its added focus on do-i-yourself solutions, OpenDD could expand future perceptions of social media.


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