What Does OPhone Mean?

OPhone is a Linux-based mobile operating system similar to the Android operating system. It is developed by China Mobile and maintained through the OPhone Software Developers Network.


The OPhone mobile operating system is designed over Android OS and is built using open source mobile tools and technologies provided by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). It is primarily used for smart phones.

OPhone may also be known as Open Mobile System (OMS).

Techopedia Explains OPhone

OPhone is built over and is an extension of Android. As such, OPhone SDK and Android SDK are required to develop applications for the OPhone mobile platform. The OPhone SDk consists of an API, emulators, tools and documentation. It supports two different types of development modes: the APK OPhone application and the Web Widget application.

The APK OPhone application provides some added features that enhance the features of an OPhone-powered phone, including home-screen and local search APIs. The Web widget platform uses Web development technologies such as xHTML and CSS to build packaged mobile applications similar to Web widgets.


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