What Does OTOY Mean?

OTOY is a hybrid cloud solution that provides server rendering services for online gaming, interactive media and high-definition content by combining the hardware and software solution stack.


OTOY enables server-side rendering services by transferring resource-intensive processing tasks to a remote cloud server and delivering the rich media content to end users over the Internet. OTOY was designed to allow low-end computing devices to experience high-quality graphical, animated, audio and video content without any hardware upgrades.

Techopedia Explains OTOY

OTOY primarily delivers cloud streaming services of rich media content that typically requires powerful processing and graphical hardware to operate efficiently. OTOY uses its Open Streaming Initiative server platform, which executes on top of the AMD Fusion Render Cloud (FRC) server platform.

OTOY stores the required data on the hardware server platform and streams it in real-time to a multitude of end devices such as desktops, smart phones and tablets over the Internet. This data can be accessed over any compatible Web browser.


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