Plug Computer

What Does Plug Computer Mean?

A plug computer is a tiny computer designed to operate as a sleek Web application server, providing file-sharing and other network-based services. Plug computers are intended for small business and home users.


A plug computer is integrated with typical computing resources such as a processor, memory, communication ports, wireless connectivity and a Linux operating system.

Techopedia Explains Plug Computer

A plug computer is the size and has the appearance of a typical power plug but provides capabilities and functionalities to operate network-based software and application services for low-end users. A plug computer is built on the Marvell system-on-chip ARM processor, and has a processing speed of up till 1.2 Ghz. It also operates as an intermediary or supporting server device to speed up and facilitate an array of applications and services.

A plug computer is available in many models, such as Nimbus, Dreamplug, D2plug and others, each designed and suited for different services and deployment models. Typical applications of a plug computer include, but are not limited to:

  • Web proxy server for delivering cached access to Web pages
  • Multimedia and video streaming
  • Cloud computing
  • Network services automation and related services

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