What Does Riak Mean?

Riak is an open-source, Web scalable distributed database based on the NoSQL and Dynamo database system. It is developed by Basho Technologies.


Riak is highly distributed database software that provides scalable, reliable performance in variety of different operation environments. Riak comes in a free open-source as wells as a paid commercial version. It is available for enterprise, cloud, Web and mobile platforms.

Techopedia Explains Riak

Riak is considered a fault-tolerant database because it’s distributed across many nodes and implemented without a master instance. As such, it doesn’t have a single point of failure. Primarily designed for distributed cloud data infrastructures, Riak provides superior performance in high-volume read and write applications and can be used to build cloud file systems.

The standard version of Riak is integrated with features such as MapReduce, multi-node clustering and a few others, whereas the enterprise version is enhanced with management tools, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring support and consulting services for architecture, implementation and 24-hour technical support.


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