What Does Smartsheet Mean?

Smartsheet is a project management, collaboration and crowdsourcing tool available as a Software as a Service solution. Smartsheet is accessed and managed over the Internet.


Smartsheet allows users to create, manage and share projects, tasks and processes under authorized access. Smartsheet also supports Google Apps, VMware Zimbra and Salesforce CRM for application integration, and Amazon Mechanical Turk for crowdsourcing.

Techopedia Explains Smartsheet

Smartsheet allows for the management of diversified business processes and tasks, such as project management, marketing, operations with integrated collaboration, file sharing, tasks management and administration.

Smartsheet is primarily a project management tool. It provides the ability to manage a project from project launch to setup and provides tools to enable collaboration with project team members and to produce reports on the project. Smartsheet has a similar user interface to that of a spreadsheet, and provides different templates for a variety of business domains. Amazon Mechanical Turk is used to source a virtual workforce.


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