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Social Business Intelligence

What Does Social Business Intelligence Mean?

Social business intelligence (social BI) refers to a management technique that integrates group sharing in order to improve existing projects, products and processes. Social business intelligence is usually managed by third-party analytical software that combines the functions of traditional project management software with engagement techniques gleaned from social media. The most noticeable feature of social business intelligence is that it invites customer input and feedback at early points in the process rather than after a product is released.


Techopedia Explains Social Business Intelligence

Social business intelligence is seen as an ideal way to fully take advantage of human capital both inside and outside a particular business. Within the business, the open management of resources and products helps employees give feedback on projects they are interested in – but not necessarily working on – and provides more opportunities for recognition. Outside the business, customers can have an influence on shaping a company’s products and services, ensuring they’ll be happier with the end result. Social business intelligence is a relatively new concept (and a bit of a buzzword), so its meaning will shift over time.


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