SRWare Iron

What Does SRWare Iron Mean?

SRWare Iron (Iron), developed by SRWare, is an open-source Web browser built on Chromium source code. It is an extension-supported Web browser similar to Google Chrome but enriched with improvised security and privacy management features and capabilities. The concept of SRWare Iron is similar to the Comodo Dragon browser, which is also a Chrome clone.


Techopedia Explains SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron and Chrome share a similar front-end user experience and functionality but differ substantially in terms of each browser’s backend handling of user specific data. Iron eliminates certain default Chrome features, such as those that compromise privacy by tracking and monitoring user behavior.

SRWare Iron features are as follows:

  • Prevents the creation and transmission of installation IDs to Google every time Iron is installed
  • Blocks Google Instant suggestions
  • Blocks browser usage statistic sharing
  • For additional security, provides an integrated ad blocker to stop pop-up display ads

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