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Iteration Planning

What Does Iteration Planning Mean?

Iteration planning is the process of discussing and planning the next cycle, phase or iteration of a software application that is under development. It is conducted through a meeting of the entire software development team at the starting point of each iteration to formally plan technical and non-technical processes.


Iteration planning is also known as iterative planning.

Techopedia Explains Iteration Planning

Iteration planning is a core project planning component of software development. During the iteration planning process, input is received from a previous iteration or the project kickoff phase, including a source code overview of previously developed components, release notes, a list of bugs/results and software test results.

After previous data is analyzed, the subsequent iteration is planned in accordance with different development tasks, technical and human resource assignments, time frames and other post development software tests. Generally, the complete iteration planning process is managed by the software development manager or project manager and later articulated as an iteration plan.

Depending on project complexities and requirements, iteration planning can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, and an actual iteration may run from a few weeks to a month or longer.


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