Sun Cloud

What Does Sun Cloud Mean?

Sun Cloud is a comprehensive suite of cloud computing products and solutions developed, provisioned and maintained by Sun Microsystems.


Sun Cloud’s offerings includes storage, compute and platform services for developing, deploying and hosting Web scalable applications on Sun’s proprietary infrastructure. Sun Cloud architecture is built and operated using open-source tools and technologies such as the Solaris operating system and Java development framework.

Techopedia Explains Sun Cloud

Sun Cloud includes three primary solutions along with other development technologies geared toward cloud environments:

  1. Storage service
  2. Compute service
  3. Project Speedway
  4. Development tools including MySQL, NetBeans, Sun VM, VirtualBox and other

The three core services work like typical cloud service models by using open-source API support for storing and retrieving data objects, and accessing raw computing power and a development platform to build enterprise-wide Web, desktop and server applications. Sun Cloud incorporates the functionality of its primary services with other cloud-centric development and support tools to help end users and organizations develop highly available and robust applications.


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