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What Does Turbulenz Mean?

Turbulenz is an Internet company that provides platform services for the development and hosting of browser based video games.


The Turbulenz platform provides developers with resources to create application and users with access to play these games in their browsers without having to install them.

Turbluenz is also known as a gaming console for the web.

Techopedia Explains Turbulenz

Turblulenz platform services are comprised of different services and solution stacks, which power the complete gaming development, hosting and accessibility. Turbulenz core components consists of a software development kit (SDK) that contains sample code, a game emulator engine and support documentation, which is essential to understand its backend architecture. The game engine provides the essential required tools and services, including editing/manipulating graphics, animations, sounds and videos.

Turblulenz games are hosted and powered in the cloud. It provides different services to test, deploy and scale their applications and contains support for different applicatiion programming interfaces (API) for integration with popular Web services.


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