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Unified Communications System

What Does Unified Communications System Mean?

A unified communications system (UCS) is a set of communication services and solutions bundled, sold and delivered together as one single cohesive solution. UCS enables the use of voice, data, Internet, video and other communication services through an integrated product or system, which is developed by a single vendor or in collaboration with supported partners.


A unified communications system may also be called an integrated communications system (ICS)

Techopedia Explains Unified Communications System

A unified communications system is primarily designed to eliminate the need for buying and managing several communications technologies to collaborate and exchange information within an organization or among peers. Enterprise-class UCS exhibits and provides most of the major real-time and non real-time communication systems necessary for business productivity and operations. A UCS is a combination of hardware, software, network and other related solutions.

UCS packaged solutions vary from vendor to vendor but they might include:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Video communication/streaming
  • Internetworks
  • Mobile/wireless communication

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